Vintage Blue

Vintage Blue is a sustainable fashion company that built a following selling vintage UNC clothes on Instagram last Spring. Since then, Vintage Blue has expanded to be an original apparel vendor, a collaborator with student artists, a storyteller of campus leaders and creators, and a retail partner with the Galore Store on Franklin Street.
I joined Vintage Blue last Spring as their design lead. I've produced 3 original clothing lines,  helped redesign Vintage Blue's website, and added three new members to the design team. 

Original Apparel

"Blue" - Spring  2018

My first line was inspired by inclusivity, diversity, and color. We released these shirts as Vintage Blue was transitioning from being a UNC apparel reseller to a community-focused fashion company, so it was important for our first original line to reflect that and completely own this rebrand. We partnered with Recover Brand, a clothing production company that uses 100% recycled fabrics to embroider the "Blue" line.

"MOVE" / "LOVE" - Fall 2018

The second line dropped at the experiential art exhibit Vintage Blue hosted, Intersections. Intersections brought together seven different student artists from different mediums, giving them the opportunity to gain exposure and sell their work. Alongside artists whose mediums included paint, music, sculpture, and digital media, Vintage Blue hosted the event and served as the fashion component.

The fall line included two versions of shirts. The black "MOVE" shirt with disco fingers was inspired by the theme of intersections, and the energy that comes from embracing our similarities and differences. I believe that new ideas come from new perspectives, and the "MOVE" shirt represents that- intersections taking us to exciting places. The white "LOVE" shirt with the hearts was inspired by the connection you feel with someone you love even when they're far away. 

This was our first line of ink-printed shirts, and to maintain our commitment to sustainability we partnered with EVERYBODY.WORLD, a company that uses 100% repurposed cotton and produces their shirts in US-based factories that pay their workers a living wage.

"Nuketown" / "7 Deadly Sins" - Winter 2018

With our third line, I wanted to push Vintage Blue's original apparel to weirder places. The success of Intersections helped us realize how much more creative pieces we could make if we collaborated with student artists, and 7 Deadly Sins was my first collaboration with artist Eli White. We came up with idea based on Eli's past illustrations, thrifted a reversible denim jacket, and sewed Eli's artwork onto the jacket. 



Intersections was Vintage Blue’s first ever experiential art exhibit. For Intersections, we collaborated with 7 UNC artists, who were able to use our platform to generate over $4500 in profit. Most importantly, Intersections was an integral piece in a greater movement of creative empowerment on UNC’s campus.


Vintage Blue Originals highlight change-makers in the UNC community. Originals were founded with the belief that many people act on the issues surrounding them and drive change without expecting any recognition. Originals seek to give these individuals and their communities the exposure and recognition that they deserve, while inspiring readers to be more unique.

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