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Spotify Social Feature

Spotify’s mobile version gets more use than desktop. Users discover new music through their friends, and currently there is no social aspect on Spotify’s mobile app.



Spotify is a leader in the music streaming industry. Currently, 83 million subscribers use Spotify as their means to discover new music and see what their friends are listening to. For desktop, Spotify has embraced the social potential of their product by allowing users to see what their friends are listening to on a friend activity feed. On Spotify’s mobile version, however, this feature is absent. In this case study, I’ll create a mobile experience that allows users to explore new music through their friends via a friend activity feed, ultimately creating parity between Spotify’s desktop and mobile versions that will further engage current users.  


A feature that seamlessly integrates a friend activity feed on Spotify’s mobile homepage. This feature will allow users to scroll through what their friends are listening to, making this previously inaccessible content one click away.

User Story

As a millennial user, I've grown up connected to my friends on social media. I see new features integrating music and song suggestions on other apps I use like SnapChat and Instagram. I primarily use Spotify to listen and discover new music, and I want to be able to see what my friends are listening to on my phone.

First Iteration:


After showing the feature to a few people, I received a few pieces of valuable feedback. 

  • Intrusive: The green gradient draws too much attention to the friend activity feature. While I thought that Spotify's use of the grey gradient at the top of the app would lend itself to working else-where, it's over the top. Spotify wants users listening experience to be entirely their own, and not feel like music has to be social media. So I need to tone the intensity of the social feature down.

  • Time Indicator: The 'currently listening' and how many minutes ago the person listened icon which I had in the bottom right corner, feels separated from the users name and avatar picture. I need to move it to the upper right corner of the album/playlist artwork.  

Final Iteration

friend's playlist

friend's profile

Human Understanding of Climate Change

To get practice with Javascript, I designed a website dashboard about the history of climate change and how humans have come to understand our role in the crisis. 

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